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Innovation is our mission

This website displays to the public, the activities of GreeceSunLife Travel Agency for Incoming & some special Outgoing Tourism. GreeceSunLife Travel Agency is based in Athens. We organize Classical & Educational Tours, Private Tours - Transportation & Shore Excurcions with our own luxurious Mercedes Mini Vans, Package Tours & Holidays for Groups & Individuals. We also suggest a series of Unusual, Themed tours in Greece. One of our specialization is: Packages including Workshops, Lectures & Interactive Discussions on Ancient Greek Philosophy . We consider the connection of Ancient Greek Thought with the modern Theories of Psychology and how to apply those beneficial results in our everyday life. We invite you to the country that gave names to the Laws of Nature. Let's come to harmonize with them and change your life...


GreeceSunLife caters for clients from all over the world:


Individuals & Groups
● V.I.P. Guests
● Travel Agencies
● Companies
Schools (Colleges, Universities)
● Students of humanities studies
● Personal development groups
● Scholars of the world philosophies
● Ιntended spouses




My name is Sotiris Boutsinis and I am partner of GreeceSunLife Travel & Inner Well-being Private Company and the manager of the "Private Transportation & Tours" department. I am 32 years old and already have 12 years of experience in Tourism. My family has three generations of experience in Tourism (Travel Agencies and Coaches). I speak English very well and quite good Spanish. I was a basketball player at Championship level from the age of 13 to 23 and have participated in many European and Ιnternational tournaments in Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, France and Italy. I was a basketball team member in Spain from 2004 to 2005 and have traveled for both professional and recreational purposes all over Greece, Europe and other countries. I have experience in both, Incoming and Outbound Tourism in various positions: as a group leader, a tour bus driver as well as working in planning and management, particularly in Inbound Tourism.

I love Greece and have been studying Greek Philosophy. My vision is people come in Greece from all over the world, enjoy its natural beauties and experience what this unique country has to offer, discovering the path for a more balanced life and inner-well being. Within the framework of the activities of GreeceSunLife Private Company, there has been recently added the activity of Private & VIP Transportations / Tours, with our own VIP Mercedes Mini Vans and with a cooperating fleet of similar vehicles, limousines with driver and luxury taxis, as well as with tourist coaches of every size.



My name is Lina Gallilaia. I am Sotiri’s mother, partner and Chief Executive of GreeceSunLife Travel & Inner Well-being Private Company. I am also a Mental Health Counselor. I have been working in the Tourism industry for 26 years. I have worked in management and operation section of Travel Agencies, as well as in every field of Tourism: Incoming, Domestic, Outbound, Cultural, Educational, Congresses , Business & V.I.P. I have worked as a Food & Beverage manager at a 500- bed Hotel Resort and in administration and management of a themed Restaurant. I have cooperated with companies on recruiting and training of sales staff and have prepared and delivered personal development seminars & feedback for personnel of companies.My passion is organizing and conducting travel programs which combine tours and holidays in Greece, with Philosophy - Psychology workshops, sessions and lectures, considering the connection between the Ancient Greek Thought with the modern Theories of Psychology and how to apply those beneficial results in our everyday life. These programs take place in wonderful and picturesque locations, close to especial archaeological areas infused with healing energy.I hold a degree in Counseling and Psychology and have been trained in the Psychotherapeutic method “Systemic Constellation” based on the German Bert Hellinger theory. Over the last fifteen years I have been studying and researching Ancient Greek Philosophy, especially the texts of Plato, the interpretation of symbols and issues of Cosmogony. I have studied Τheatre and have been participating in various theatrical groups.I have traveled for both professional and recreational purposes all over Greece, Europe and many other countries. 



Unusual GreeceSunLife Travel Programs

We take our clients to the most beautiful places in Greece and combine the tour with a therapeutic journey towards the path of self-knowledge and soul awareness. We cooperate with highly experienced Tourism professionals (Hotels, Coaches, Restaurants, Licensed Guides, e.t.c.) as well as with Professors and Experts on History, Culture, Arts, Philosophy and Psychology. These special programs combine:

  • Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • Pursuit of Inner Well - being 
  • Relax of body and mind, through the Nature, Arts, Mental & Spiritual Methods
  • Variety of special Themes 

We love creating Themed travel programs . Programs that focus on traditional aspects of Greek culture such Wine and Olive Oil producing - Special Travel for Photographers, for Nature Observers, for anyone interested in Greek Cuisine whether professional or material - Religious Travel for Christians. If you are interested in something we haven’t imagined yet, please share it with us. We would love to plan it together with you!

Classic - Educational - Holidays - Wedding

Tours in beautiful areas of Greece which are well known since antiquity or popular in modern times, for their history, philosophy, arts, scenic beauty and uniqueness. Holidays in Greece, in places of stunning beauty, on the islands and on mainland, in hotels or in apartments. Special holiday packages and transfers. Excursions, daily cruises, guided sightseeing additionally or optionally. Only, upon request.

  • Classic & Educational Travel
  • Holidays
  • Wedding travel with photo shoot in Aegean Sea/ islands & mainland

 Τravel to Aegean islands and all over Greece for honeymooners, or to plan your wedding's main event or afterparty and capture your wedding moments  in special, unique, magnificent landscapes. Our team of highly experienced photographers, cameramen and directors guarantees an excellent technical editing of your wedding photos and videos. Your dream will come true!

VIP Travel 

Travel in luxury, opulence and comfort. We plan travel providing high standards of luxury: Limos, V.I.P. Luxury Coaches, Helicopters, Private Flights, Yachts, Luxury Hotels, Luxury beauty services, Shopping, Private Luxury Amenities & Services, Private Security … with absolute discretion and secrecy.



  • VIP Travel  
  • Meetings 
  • Congresses - Seminars
We organize meetings, congresses, seminars in Greece. We have the knowledge, the experience, the staff, the means, the ability and the self-confidence for this kind of service.

Our mission is to suggest an alternative view of life.  The best travel of your life...  Live it in Greece...

Beauty-Shopping-Wedding photo shoot Dpt.  There is a department in GreeceSunLife, specialized in beauty, shopping, wedding events and photo shoot. We guarantee high quality and discounts.  

The Scientific Collaborators:

1. Dr. Niki Markogianni MD Psychiatrist, Family Therapist, specialized in Psychosomatic, EAGALA Advanced Certified, EAGALA Mentor.

2. Dr. Christos Theleritis MD, PhD Psychiatrist & Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapist. Trained in Mind/Body Medicine at the Benson-Henry Institute of Mind/Body Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA.

3. Dr. Dimitris Stavropoulos Doctoral degree in Applied Sciences and M.A. in Sociology-Psychology-Philosophy from the University of Munich. Internationally accredited therapist, trainer and supervisor. Director of Authorized Greek Institution Systemic Constellation.

4. Niki Roubani   Art teacher & Researcher.

5. Danai Marneris DVM EAGALA Certified

6. Hrysa Baxevanidis Psychologist EAGALA Certified

5. Lina Gallilaia Mental Health Counselor,  trained in Systemic Constellation of Bert Hellinger theory, Researcher of Ancient Greek Texts, Actress. 

The Team:

Also, GreeceSunLife team consists of many skilled persons. Drivers, Qualified Guides, Supporters - Cooperators, Professors, Scientists, Psychologists, Therapists, Counselors, in and out of the office. We are at your service from the arrival at Athens airport, until you will say “goodbye” to our country, with the Greek wish: “Come back again!”