Private Tours & Transportation

Private Tours & Transportation



--8 + 1 seats, extra long (big luggage space)

--Color: Black

--Windows: tinted

--Electric doors both sides

--Electric reclining rear windows

--Leather seats

--Kids seats

--Wi-Fi (free of charge)

--English speaking, experienced driver

--Offer to our clients water and soft drinks

--24 hrs at your service

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  1. Spiritual and Mental Rebirth in Delphi, Greece NEW PROGRAM

    Spiritual and Mental Rebirth in Delphi, Greece NEW PROGRAM

    Alternative Program of Applied Philosophy - Systemic Constellations For a balanced meaningful everyday life, in the troubled nowadays world.

    This is an experiential procedure, taking place in the unique atmosphere of Delphi, Greece. A place dedicated to Apollo, full of spiritual and healing light, coming from the Ancient Greek God of Sun and Light. Two people combining the disciplines of Philosophy, Archaeology and Psychology, through our experiential procedures and our passion for the human, sharing the same vision, have decided to show a way for a meaningful daily life, based on the proper inner forces, with stable steps, inner balance, calm and answers to the proper fundamental existential questions. We have gathered this knowledge and we are still collecting, without guessing but studying the Pythagoreans, the texts of Plato and the post – Platonic philosophers. The ancient Greek Philosophy is Mathematics, Geometry, Music, Harmony, but first of all is Applied Philosophy.

    Lina Gallilaia I am a Mental Health Counselor trained in Systemic Constellations, an almost new Approach to Psychotherapy, an alternative, experiential therapeutic method established by the German Psychologist and Philosopher Dr Bert Hellinger. I am working with people applying an eclectic method, combining the most appropriate for every single individual approaches. However, the basis is the Philosophical Counseling. I am also studying the Ancient Greek Philosophy, focusing on Plato, in the last 20 years. I am engaged professionally with Tourism in the last 30 years, operating in Greece and abroad, an experience which offers me the vision of this and other projects.

    Dr Stavros Oikonomidis I am an archaeologist, dedicated to my studies and digging in the last 25 years. I have travelled in most of the countries of the world since I discovered at a very young age the precious character of travelling. The desire of knowing the “other” through my own eyes and senses lead me to the passion of sharing my knowledge with others distilling it through the study of the ancient texts, Greek, Latin and Hebraic. I direct my archaeological excavations in SE Albania, where I have my project at the Lake District of the Trinational Region and I teach archaeology at the Arcadia University, College for Global Studies, in the last 12 years. The deep knowledge of the ancient Greek Philology and Philosophy helps me to discover something more of my inner self and to give it to the others as experiential learning.

    If you come from abroad, we suggest you an extension of the trip, with a 2-days Athens/Sounion program, before the program of Delphi and an one-week program to Greek islands, after Delphi.

    Please, contact us and we will create a tailor made trip just, for you.

    Language: English and Greek. For other languages upon request with a supplement amount.

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