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Thermal Waters & Inner Well-being A 12 Days

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There are a lot of springs, with thermal, mineral waters, in several places in Greece Their therapeutic value has been shown since ancient times. The baths in those waters help body and soul to be healed or kept healthy. When we are travelling in Greece with the programs "Thermal waters and Inner Well-being", we are trying to allay our body's pains, fill our soul with peace and to be felt well-being.


Prices depend on several factors: number of persons, season, class of service, including services e.t.c.
If you are interested in this program, please send us a message to:, or fill and submit the form on the field "contact us", with your details : dates, number of persons, meals, class of service or budget, some special need.

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Apart from the tour program, will be done:

1. Baths in thermal springs - spas , in several places according to our schedule.

2. Contact and experience of Dr Herbert Benson (Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School) method: "Mind – Body Medicine". This is an innovative method, combining:

a. Variety of relaxation techniques.

b. Walking.

c. Yoga.

d. Counseling on proper nutrition and the benefits of taking vitamins.

e. Encouragement for participation in spiritual type processes through Philosophical Counselling.

f. Group sessions - discussions of Cognitive - Behavioural direction for personal development.

3. Interactive discussions and lectures about the connection of the Ancient Philosophy and Therapies, with the modern methods for Inner Well-being.


1st DAY:

Arrival at Athens airport - Transfer to the center of Athens - Panoramic guided Tour in Athens - Hotel/Check in - Lunch - Rest - Presentation of the whole program in Greece – Lecture: "Thermal springs in Greece and their therapeutic value" - Dinner – Free time - Overnight.

2nd DAY:

Breakfast - At 08.30 a.m. a visit to ACROPOLIS - ACROPOLIS MUSEUM - Lunch to the Museum's Restaurant admiring the view to Acropolis – Then, to VOULIAGMENI (25 km – 30 minutes) cosmopolitan resort, where the Lake of Vouliagmeni. That is a picturesque and cosmopolitan place. The waters of the lake are mixed, both from thermal springs and the sea. Here, there is an underwater cave. The water of the lake, comes out from 50 to 100 metres deep. The temperature ranges from 22°C. to 29°C. The waters contain salts and minerals, like sodium, lithium, ammonium, iron, potassium, iodine, chlorine, calcium, a small amount of radiation. The water is indicated for the treatment of many diseases, like some kind of orthopedic or rheumatic disease, such as neuritis, polyneuropathy, musculoskeletal pains after trauma, or stress at work. Also for gynecological diseases - Introductory lecture and discussion for the method of Mind and Body Medicine, from Dr. Theleritis - Bath - Rest - Dinner - Back to Athens – Overnight.

3rd DAY:

Breakfast - At 09.00 a.m. from Athens to PERACHORA / LOUTRAKI/ KORINTHIA (80 km – 1 hr) – A visit to the archaeological site of Heraion, the Temple of Goddess Hera on the beach, near the Corinthian Gulf. Excavations revealed the temple of Hera and significant findings of the early Corinthian civilization and the 9th century B.C. – We proceed to Loutraki (10 minutes). The thermal springs in Loutraki considered as the most ancient in Greece. Those natural springs at the foot of Geraneia mountains, spring from deep, thousands of years. During the path, the water is filtered by the rocks and enriched with rare metals and minerals that make it valuable for health. The waters are indicated for rheumatic diseases, arthropathy, sciatica, gynecological and dermatological diseases. The temperature ranges from 30,4°C - to 32°C – Hotel/Check in – Bath – Lunch – Rest - Contact and experience of method: "Mind – Body Medicine". Relaxation Techniques, Mindfulness, Meditation – Walking on the coastal Loutraki – Dinner – Free time – Overnight.

4th DAY:

Breakfast – At 08.00 a.m. from Loutraki to ANCIENT CORINTH (17 km – 20 minutes) – A visit to the archaeological site and the Museum – From Ancient Corinth to EPIDAURUS (55 km – 1 hr approx.) - A visit to the Ancient Theatre with the unique acoustics, the Asclepieion and the Museum – Lunch to the picturesque Palaia Epidaurus ( 10 minutes) – We proceed to METHANA (40 km – 50 minutes) – Hotel/Check in – Rest – In Methana, thermal springs are known for their healing qualities since 3000 years. Recommended for many diseases such as arthrosis, slipped disc, spondylitis, rheumatic, fractures, gynecological disorders, infertility, ribs, fatigue, respiratory diseases, chronic bronchitis, skin diseases etc. - Bath - Contact and experience of method: "Mind – Body Medicine" – Free time – Dinner – Overnight.

5th DAY:

Breakfast – At 09.00 a.m. contact and experience of method: "Mind – Body Medicine", Yoga is included – Bath – Rest – Lunch – Rest – In the afternoon mini cruise to the opposite picturesque Poros island for a walk and coffee – Back to Methana – Dinner – Free time – Overnight.

6th DAY:

Breakfast – At 08.00 from Methana to NAUPLION (73 km – 1 ½ hr) – Walking and coffee to the very picturesque place – From Nauplion to Ancient Olympia (200 km – 3 hrs) - Lunch – Rest – In the afternoon a visit to the Museum - Free time for a walk to the wonderful and peaceful area – Dinner – Overnight.

7th DAY:

Breakfast – At 08.30 a visit to the important archaeological site – From Olympia to Kaiafa Thermal Springs. The area of Kaiafas is a unique ecosystem. We'll admire the natural beauty of the area, the blue of the unique lake Kaiafas and we'll enjoy the therapeutic waters. The thermal waters in Kaiafas are also known from antiquity. The water temperature is 32 °C - 33.5 °C. Type of water: Warm - Cl - Na - K - hydrosulfide, hypertonic, slightly radioactive. Springs : Cave Anigridon larvae. Therapeutic indications: Autoimmune and rheumatic diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, hip and knee osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatism, skin diseases – Bath – Lunch – Rest – Interactive discussion about our impressions – Free time for a walk – Dinner – Overnight.

8th DAY:

Breakfast – At 08.00 a.m. from Ancient Olympia to DELPHI ( 240 km – 4 hrs) – Lunch – Hotel/Check in – Rest – In the afternoon a visit to the archaelogical site – Free time for a walk and interactive discussion – Dinner – Overnight.

9th DAY:

Breakfast – At 08.00 a.m. a visit the Museum and then, the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia – From Delphi to KAMENA VOYRLA (110 km – 2 hrs approx.) - Lunch near the sea – Hotel/Check in – Rest - In Kamena Voúrla are the best known and most efficacious thermal waters of Europe. They contain radon which is indicated for rheumatism, arthritis, lumbago and pain in the spine. Also, for gynecological or vascular diseases. Water temperature from 35oC to 36oC. Suitable for rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica, back pain, neurological, gynecological and vascular diseases – Bath (optionally massage) – Rest – Free time foa a walk – Dinner – Overnight.

10th DAY:

Breakfast – Free program (optionally massage) for relaxation, baths, walking – Lunch - Free program for relaxation, baths, walking – Dinner – Free time – Overnight.

11th DAY:

Breakfast – Free program (optionally massage) for relaxation, baths, walking – Lunch - Free program for relaxation, baths, walking – Dinner – Free time – Overnight.

12th DAY:

Breakfast – From Kamena Vourla to Athens airport (190 km – 2 hrs approx.).


1. In programs including baths at thermal springs or spas, a medical examination is required for the participants, followed by the doctor’s confirmation that baths are allowed .

2. During the tours, stopovers are made. In summer some of these stopovers may include beautiful spots for swimming.

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